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Power Speakers is a true example of how an idea takes shape. It was born out of a firm belief that public speaking is an essential life skill and that each one of us is unique, has something to say, and wants to be heard. Couple that belief with our founder’s creativity, imagination and zest and you have what we are today.

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We are incorporated in the state of New Jersey, USA. We are an Education Services Company specializing in the area of Public Speaking. Benjamin Franklin once said, “Involve me, and I learn.” We truly believe in each and every one’s potential to improve, inspire, and succeed. We believe presentation and emotional skills are essential tools for success in life. Confidence and personality development set the stage for excellent leadership, persuasive articulation, and critical thinking.

Accomplishments through presentation skills lead to rewarding self-esteem, further motivating you to work harder and grow as an assertive leader. Our belief is that with the right opportunities, resources, and our specially designed public speaking Speech-Toolkit © , anyone can become an impressive public speaker. Our creative, age-appropriate programs help you develop and apply your public speaking skill set. Every opportunity to practice brings you one step closer to excellence. We believe in giving back to the local communities in which we live and operate. It is just one of the ways we believe we can impact the life around us in a positive way. For us, our social responsibility is not just another business practice but it is an inherent and an integral part of our culture. Our community outreach program “Help One, Help Many” helps needy students in India build their communications skills by buddying them with our students in the US.
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