“Our courses are designed to enhance the following skill sets in your child”

Presentation Skill Sets

Leadership – A leader needs to effectively communicate and public speaking teaches your child exactly that, effective communication. This skill helps your child be the best president of the class, student council or the activity club.

Articulation – Educational success requires the ability to articulate your thoughts clearly. When your child learns to express his/her thoughts in lucid and logical manner, it is a road to success in project presentations and beyond.

Critical thinking – Critical thinking leads to deductive and inductive reasoning skills which will go a long way in building the ability to analyze. Your child needs this skill in every aspect of academic life.

Persuasion – Persuasion plays a key role in your child’s ability to influence others and achieve results. This skill is what makes them gets voted for the student council and the clubs that are so important to them.

Organization – A well organized presentation is the key to a successful presentation. When your child makes that kind of presentation for a project or a book review, he/she would be heard and noticed.

Emotional Skills

Confidence -This is a life enhancing skill that your child learns through public speaking. Confidence helps your children in everything they do right from making friends to class presentations.

Self esteem -Self esteem is self worth and self respect. Any child with a high self esteem does not hesitate to express his/her opinions, be it to a friend or the whole class of students.

Personality development – Public speaking transforms a child’s personality because it gives that power to win friends and influence people: friends, teachers, teammates.© Copyright 2017 - All Rights Reserved