When I went as an examiner for one of the certification exams, I was extremely impressed by the caliber and quality of the graduates of Power Speakers. What took me by surprise is that 100% of the students are of A grade. Kids used vivid descriptions, metaphors, similes and wide range of vocabularies in their speech. And that made the speeches a treat for the ears.
The credit for eliciting the talent goes to Taruna Ramani. Taruna does an amazing job of coaching and teaching the kids. I was impressed by the care and attention that Taruna gives to each and every child. She had stories to tell about every kid. That demonstrates she truly cares about each child, and her feedback is genuine.

I sincerely wish continued success to Taruna and her students at Power Speakers.
Thank you so much Taruna. 

Jeevan Ravindran
Toastmasters Youth Leadership Coach

When the students of Power Speakers arrived at our High School we were, at first, skeptical whether these very young debaters would be able to speak in front of a large audience of teenagers. However, not only did these young debaters grasp our interest and attention, they also spoke in a very engaging manner which captivated all the members of North JSA. Their instructor, Taruna, has done a great job in transforming inexperienced shy children into confident young public speakers.

We wish the best for the student of Power Speakers and hope they pursue their interest in public speaking.

Karthik Chandra
Ex. President, JSA Debate Club High School North

Enrolling my girls into the creative drama and public speaking program at Power Speakers must have been one of the best things that had happened to them. My older one was shy and this medium helped her open up..

Taruna is great with kids. They learned and are continuing to learn a lot and it helps them develop into well rounded, articulate, and expressive personalities. 

Ajitha kruthiventy

We were not sure what to expect when we enrolled our 8yr old in the class. From the 1st class she loved it and looks forward to it. Taruna has the ability to easily connect with the children. Our very anxious public speaker has gained a lot of confidence and clarity of thought over the past few months. All this done in an informal, fun and encouraging way promoting self confidence and gaining essential skills as they grow.

I would recommend that every child avail this opportunity! She has learned a lot and looks forward to going to the class every week.

Avanti Kanitkar 

Enrolling my child at Power Speakers creative drama and public speaking workshop has been a very positive experience . I see a great enthusiasm and curiosity develop in my child as she continues to work in the class. Her energy seems to be channelized much more effectively as well. 

Roshni Budhiraja

Taruna Ramani is an amazing dedicated coach and mentor to the young kids. My son has been working with her for a year and half. We can see lot of improvement in him. The transformation to a confident young boy who is not hesitant to express himself in front of groups of people is very noticeable.

My son loves his teacher and the class and looks forward to go to there every week.
Thank you so much Taruna. 

Rashmi Bhat

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